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...In the last agonising times of the great continent of Atlantis, a handful of men are trying to save humankind from extinction...



Atlantis has conquered almost the whole world but its people have forgotten the roots of their power, the Flux. This life-giving energy once sustained humans and gods alike and united them on earth.

A religious tyrant, the High Priestess, abused the powers of the Flux to enslave the population and expand her power. As the energy was poiosned, the gods fled to their residence on the Helimpia Mountains before nature turned against the land. 

Agathon, the son of a member of the resistance, is kidnapped and taken to the capital where he discovers that everything his parents had taught him is true. His only hope rests on the mysterious demigoddess Phile and Temacles, a member of the resistance who has infiltrated the oligarchy.

Agathon and Phile, united by their love and the hope for a new beginning, fight a battle against time to restore the Flux, overthrow the High Priestess and save Atlantis from itself.


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Giuseppe Cafaro's Art

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    High Priestess

    "This Council needs the guise

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    Fathom Kiani Cover for Aspen Comics by Giuseppe

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    Commissioned work by Giuseppe

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    Wonder Woman excerpt for DC Comics

  • Temacles

  • LSCC Alice Madness

  • The world of Atlantis

  • Soulfire

  • Agathon House

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    Wonder Woman by Giuseppe Cafaro for DC Comics

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Arin Leviti (Writer) Arin studied Screenwriting & Producing in London. Shortly after he wrote, produced and directed the short movie ‘Spring Rolls’, which was screened at the Edgemar Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA. Since then he wrote four scripts. He is now living in Paris and making his way through the French 'Bandes Dessinées' market.

Giuseppe Cafaro (Comic Artist) Giuseppe worked for the Italian publisher GGStudio Comics before beginning his long-standing collaboration with Aspen Comics as covers and interiors artist and for Zenoscope Entertainment as cover artist. He recently started a collaboration with DC Comics.

Federico Blee (Colorist) Independent artist and colorist, Federico has been collaborating with Aspen Comics, Upper Deck, Rittenhouse, Cryptozoic. Currently working for Zenescope and for independent publishers.

Test pages for upcoming episodes


Atlantis: The Last Survivor Episode 1

Agathon meets Phile for the first time, a consequential encounter that will change the destiny of humanity forever. Their idyll is abruptly interrupted by the soldiers of the Snake Cross, on the look out for "pagan dens".


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